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NMR structure of kras32r g25t conformer G-quadruplex within kras promoter region
Marquevielle, J., Robert, C., Lagrabette, O., Wahid, M., Bourdoncle, A., Xodo, L., Mergny, J.L., Salgado, G.: "Structure of Multiple G-quadruplexes in equilibrium in KRAS promoter region." To be published
G4 notes
2 G-tetrads

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 1 glyco-bond=---- groove=---- planarity=0.448 type=bowl   nts=4 GGGG A.DG2,A.DG6,A.DG11,A.DG26
 2 glyco-bond=---- groove=---- planarity=0.655 type=saddle nts=4 GGGG A.DG4,A.DG9,A.DG13,A.DG28

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In DSSR, a G4-helix is defined by stacking interactions of G-tetrads, regardless of backbone connectivity, and may contain more than one G4-stem.

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In DSSR, a G4-stem is defined as a G4-helix with backbone connectivity. Bulges are also allowed along each of the four strands.

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List of 6 non-stem G4-loops (including the two closing Gs)

 1 type=lateral   helix=#-1 nts=5 GGGCG A.DG2,A.DG3,A.DG4,A.DC5,A.DG6
 2 type=lateral   helix=#-2 nts=6 GCGGTG A.DG4,A.DC5,A.DG6,A.DG7,A.DT8,A.DG9
 3 type=lateral   helix=#-1 nts=6 GGTGTG A.DG6,A.DG7,A.DT8,A.DG9,A.DT10,A.DG11
 4 type=lateral   helix=#-2 nts=5 GTGGG A.DG9,A.DT10,A.DG11,A.DG12,A.DG13
 5 type=lateral   helix=#-1 nts=16 GGGAAGAGGGAAGATG A.DG11,A.DG12,A.DG13,A.DA14,A.DA15,A.DG16,A.DA17,A.DG18,A.DG19,A.DG20,A.DA21,A.DA22,A.DG23,A.DA24,A.DT25,A.DG26
 6 type=lateral   helix=#-2 nts=16 GAAGAGGGAAGATGGG A.DG13,A.DA14,A.DA15,A.DG16,A.DA17,A.DG18,A.DG19,A.DG20,A.DA21,A.DA22,A.DG23,A.DA24,A.DT25,A.DG26,A.DG27,A.DG28